– Timothy Gallwey

You cannot ship curiosity in a box, wire transfer intelligence or download compassion. People are not a commodity. They are an investment, and simply passing a resume along is not an investment.

When people are treated like a product or a number, the results will always be inferior. When we treat people with a heart of service, humans, organizations and results all flourish

You don’t need a warm body. You need someone with a specific skillset and the right temperament for your company culture. You need an individual who will truly benefit from the opportunity you offer. You need to find talent in an economy where talent is scarce. We can find them.

Navigating the job market is a messy business, but when we approach all parties with honesty, integrity, a genuine opportunity and a heart of service, results naturally transpire.

When we truly invest in someone’s future and well-being, WE ALL WIN!
The best results come from the best relationships.

The key to finding the right talent for the job is finding someone who can cultivate genuine relationships: Relationships with you, the client, and relationships with candidates. Recruiting is a people business, after all.

You, your organization, its management style, and all the other nitty-gritty details that make your organization tick need to be understood before the right person can be found.

Every relationship requires work, and our expertise just happens to be the art of human relationships. We like to think our work ethic – and our service – is unsurpassed.

IT was where we began, and although we’ve expanded our capabilities to include all areas of expertise, IT recruiting will always be a core strength.
In this tight labor market, STEM talent is in high demand. Focus recruits qualified and motivated engineers from a wide range of industries and disciplines.
Whether your office needs executive human resource professionals or indispensable support staff, Fōcus has you covered for a wide range of roles.

Going Above & Beyond

Great partners make your life easier while getting the job done right. We are extra-mile, roll-out-the-red-carpet kind of people. Our work ethic and expertise differentiate us from the rest.
You have a need, we want to fulfill it. You have a problem, we will fix it. If there is something we can do to make the process easier for you and the candidate, we’ll do it.

After all, a great partnership demands attention, diligence, intelligence and finesse. We’re on it.

Footprints of Any Size

Some businesses need people in 10 states simultaneously. Others need a single person for your hometown office. We have the relationship, communication and finesse to navigate any job market.

As a part of The Ōnin Group, we have access to the resources of the second largest, privately-owned staffing service in America right at our fingertips. From our back-office functions – like accounting and payroll – to recruiting and communication initiatives, we will ensure each step and every detail of the process are as seamless as possible.

Whatever your size, big or small, a personal touch can deliver the human talent you need.

As Your Staffing Partner, We Promise We Will Always:


You’ll always know the important information and will never be left hanging. We will anticipate your needs to keep you informed.


We will always act with solid judgment so you can rest easy knowing your company is in the best hands. When sensitive information is on the line, we will always handle it with delicacy, confidentiality and expertise.


To find the best talent for your team, we must first actively understand you, your company’s environment and expectations, as well as our candidates. Active listening is the cornerstone of relationships and discovering true win-win scenarios.


To be your best partner, we want to create an environment where we can communicate with complete transparency – even bluntness. These “real” conversations are key to problem-solving and delivering exceptional results.


You and your company are always in motion. The global economy never sleeps. You need a staffing partner who is willing to communicate with you on your schedule.